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US Global Mail helps people who live overseas get their mail from the US easily and efficiently. The service is simple and effective- we give you a US address to receive your mail and packages, you see them via your Virtual Mailbox and ship, scan, discard items as needed.

We serve more people with their mail forwarding needs than any other company in the US. We've been around since 1999 and have helped over 80,000 expats get their mail and packages from the US. We've also shipped over 3 million packages, so we know a thing or two about international mail and shipping!

How we help

The service offers a Virtual Mailbox so you can see your mail in near real time. You can also see the contents of any mail within 30 minutes of it arriving in to your mailbox. Just ask for the contents to be scanned.

You can get your US checks deposited locally for free. Discard junk mail so you don't have to pay to ship it. Get items packed together to save on international shipping rates. Which are discounted by 50-70% off of retail for you!

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